The Campus Religious and Spiritual Climate Survey (CRSCS) is a theoretically-based and empirically-validated assessment tool designed to assist campus leaders in creating positive climates that embrace the challenges with and realize the possibilities of supporting diverse religious and non-religious worldviews on campus. Administered at more than 50 diverse colleges and universities to date, the CRSCS can help your campus answer such questions as:

  • Do students perceive campus as a safe space for diverse religious and non-religious identities, beliefs, and practices?
  • What are the most positive aspects of campus climate? What areas of campus climate present challenges or opportunities for improvement?
  • How do students respond to and interact with others representing different worldviews?
  • What are students’ attitudes toward diverse worldviews? How do they perceive their own capacities to effectively engage religious diversity?

To learn more about the CRSCS, please visit the Interfaith Youth Core website.

Note: Registration for CRSCS is now closed. The CRSCS will not be administered in the 2015-2016 academic year as we launch the Interfaith Diversity and Experiences Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS).