Comparison Groups

Every institution that participates in PACE receives comparison data in three categories of its choosing. When a comparison group is selected, your institution is compared to all other institutions in the PACE normbase that share your institution’s classification along that dimension. For example,  if you select size as a comparison group, if your institution is categorized as a Large 2-year institution, it will be compared to all Large 2-year institutions in the PACE normbase.

Clients are able to select three of the following categories:

  • geographic division (Census)
  • geographic region (Census)
  • degree of urbanization (IPEDs)
  • institution size (Carnegie)
  • the transfer or type of degree the institution grants (Carnegie)
  • the control of the institution (public vs. private)
  • or the entire NILIE Normbase
  • Previous Administration (additional charge of $250).

Returning institutions can pick their previous PACE data as one of the three comparison groups. Previous administration data must be from a year in our current normbase (2015-2018).