Custom Questions

Custom Question Bank

The following themes are drawn directly from custom survey questions submitted by clients.  Click on a theme to view sample questions. A PDF with all questions can be downloaded below.

…this institution allows faculty and students to enjoy academic freedom (here defined as “freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, freedom in research and the publication of results, and freedom to speak as citizens when not speaking on behalf of the institution”)
…I can speak up without fear of harming my career

…this institution exhibits a culture of accountability
…I perceive I am accountable for my role in this institution
…individuals are held accountable for their job performance
…those in leadership are held accountable for performing their job duties
…the institution holds everyone equally accountable for performing their job duties
…the institution addresses performance of low-performing employees
…individuals are held accountable for inappropriate behavior

*Institutions may want to consider using NILIE’s part-time faculty subscale

…adjunct faculty are included in the college community
…adjunct faculty are provided support
…adjunct faculty are provided professional development opportunities

…compensation is equitable for employees with the same job title/description
…I am satisfied with my total compensation package (salary and benefits)
…this institution provides a comprehensive employee benefits package (e.g., medical, leave, flexible schedule, tuition reimbursement)
…I believe the college provides individuals access to enriching activities and events (music and theater performances, gallery exhibits, athletic events, etc.)

…a spirit of cooperation exists between the college and the Board of Trustees
…the Board of Trustees is engaged with the college and its constituencies
…the Board of Trustees acts with integrity
…the Board of Trustees acts with transparency
…the Board of Trustees pursues sound fiscal management outcomes
…the Board of Trustees supports student success
…I understand the role of the Board of Trustees within the organizational structure of the college

…my institution’s budgeting practices ensure that resources are allocated efficiently
…I feel informed about college budgeting decisions
…the budget development process in my department is transparent
…the budget development process in my department is inclusive
…budgetary decisions at this institution are aligned with the mission of the institution
…the institution effectively uses its financial resources to maximize educational objectives
…my department has adequate financial resources to provide high quality programs and services

…I feel comfortable asking people in other departments for help
…I receive quality customer service from other departments
…collaboration is executed across departments to better serve students
…different divisions at the college cooperate with each other
…I have participated on a cross-functional team
…student services and administration services work well together (Please specify the departments or units of your choice)
…I have an opportunity to work with other departments on campus
…I am treated with civility by Staff (Please specify the employee group of your choice)
…a sense of family or community exists within the college
…the college promotes excellent working relationships among campuses and locations
…effective lines of communication exist among campuses and locations
…there is respect among employees at this institution
…I am encouraged to attend cross functional meetings
…the institution provides an opportunity for the employee to actively participate in college projects
…opportunities for participation in college-wide governance (e.g. committees, forums) are widely communicated

…the college builds and maintains relationships with other organizations in our district (e.g., high school districts, employers, etc.)
…the college builds relationships with other organizations in our district (e.g., high school districts, employers, etc.)
…the college secures outside funding and partnerships for programs and activities
…the college partners effectively with the business community
…the institution promotes partnerships with other colleges
…the college promotes partnerships with school districts
…the college has a positive image in the community
…the college supports community involvement
…the college is responsive to the needs of the larger community

…constituency groups are appropriately involved in decisions that have college-wide impact<br />
…decisions are communicated in a timely manner to all levels of the college<br />
…the college considers employee feedback in decision-making<br />
…processes for decision-making by campus leaders are clear<br />
…processes for decision-making by campus leaders are communicated widely<br />
…the college’s committee structure supports planning and decision-making<br />
…the college has an effective shared governance structure<br />
…I feel empowered to make decisions in my role at the college<br />

*Institutions may want to consider using NILIE’s racial diversity subscale

….the college is a welcoming environment for individuals of diverse backgrounds (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, ability, economic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious beliefs)
…employee diversity and inclusion are important at this institution (Please specify the terms of your choice)
…diversity and inclusion is respected in my work team (Please specify the terms of your choice)
…the college regularly demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion (Please specify the terms of your choice)
…the college’s diversity initiatives add value to the college
…the college’s policies and practices are implemented fairly across all employees, regardless of identity
…people from all backgrounds are treated equitably
…people from all backgrounds are well-represented among faculty (Please specify the employee group of your choice)
…people from all backgrounds are well-represented on the leadership team
…employee programs exist to help advance underrepresented groups
…the college provides employees with adequate training/development regarding diversity and inclusion
…this college provides advancement opportunities for all employees regardless of background
…my experience at this institution has been inclusive regardless of my background
…I am treated appropriately within my department regardless of my background
…I feel comfortable expressing my beliefs
…the college offers opportunities for me to learn about people, cultures, and experiences different from my own
…I feel included in the college community

…I am able to report incidents of unethical or illegal behavior without retribution
…the college has established policies and processes that ensure ethical behavior of all employees

…the college facilities meet students’ needs
…the college facilities support growth in enrollment
…appropriate equipment, materials, and work space are provided for me to do my job
…I am satisfied with classroom and educational equipment
…I am satisfied with the way space is allocated on campus
…I am satisfied with my immediate physical work environment (ventilation, temperature, space to work, cleanliness, etc.)
…my work site meets occupational, safety, health, and accessibility concerns
…the facilities (e.g. classrooms, offices, laboratories) adequately meet my needs
…the college’s facilities are safe, modern, and conducive to learning

…I think harassment is a problem at the college
…I am able to report incidents of harassment without retribution
…the college disseminates institutional policies relating to harassment

…I am able to participate in health and wellness programs provided by the college
…I feel the level of stress in the workplace is appropriate
…I value the college’s efforts to promote wellness (e.g. time off for fitness activities, on-campus access to flu shots, etc.)
…the college actively supports an environment that is conducive to the health and wellness of its employees
…opportunities for employees to improve physically, emotionally and mentally are available

…the college follows a defined hiring process
…the college follows a consistent hiring process
…the college follows a transparent hiring process
…hiring practices are fair and equitable
…the college is meeting its staffing needs

…I receive information in a timely manner
…I obtain information about college issues and decisions from my department supervisor/chair
…I obtain information about college issues and decisions from my colleagues
…I trust the information I receive from the college

…the college’s strategic initiatives have been clearly communicated to me
…I understand the college’s mission
…upper level management displays transparency when communicating about institutional decisions
…the college articulates a clear vision for the future
…a clear set of values governs the way we operate
…a consistent set of values governs the way we operate
…I identify with the college’s mission
…the mission of the college makes me feel my job is important
…I feel like my role contributes to accomplishing the college’s mission
…the staffing structure effectively supports the college’s mission

…past survey results are effectively utilized
…my department uses performance data to improve the services we provide
…employees regularly use data to inform decision-making
…assessment is used to improve instruction (Please specify the outcome of your choice)
…the college regularly evaluates its academic programs for students
…the college regularly evaluates its departmental services for students
…leaders regularly review performance measures to identify needed actions
…program review processes effectively evaluate programs and services
…the employee evaluation process produces meaningful results for my improvement
…the college fosters evidence-based practice
…appropriate data are gathered to inform decisions
…the college systematically reviews its own evaluation processes
…I have access to the data needed to perform my job
…I am aware of existing institutional reports and data sources that are useful in my job
…I can access existing institutional reports and data sources that are useful in my job

…I feel I have job security

…top administrators work effectively toward achieving the college’s goals
…leaders effectively communicate key decisions
…senior leadership understands the day-to-day practices and processes at the college
…leaders are working towards creating a positive working environment
…senior leadership inspires confidence in times of uncertainty or change
…senior leaders express genuine interest in the well-being of their faculty and staff
…college leadership shares information regularly with faculty and staff
…leadership communicates a clear vision for the future direction of the college
…I am optimistic that new college leadership will positively impact the institution

…the college effectively markets its programs and services
…the college website is a useful source of information
…the college uses social media effectively

…I make a difference at my institution/workplace
…I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day
…my work energizes me
…my job provides opportunities to challenge myself
…my work is valued
…my work is appreciated
…the college takes actions to improve employee engagement
…I am motivated to stay current in my field
…I feel valued within the organization
…my job allows me to utilize my strengths

…I am satisfied with my job
…I am satisfied with working at my institution
…I would recommend my institution as a great place to work
…I am proud to tell people that I work for this institution

…my performance evaluation process is effective
…my performance evaluation process is equitable
…my most recent performance evaluation was a fair assessment of my work
…my most recent performance evaluation was beneficial for my professional development
…I have the opportunity to be involved in determining performance measures

…my institution is committed to continuous quality improvement
…my department is committed to continuous quality improvement
…my institution’s quality improvement plan has positively affected the college’s performance
…the overall climate of the college has improved since the last climate survey
…this institution’s evaluation processes foster improvement of programs and services

…I receive recognition for doing quality work
…I am rewarded for doing quality work
…employees in my department receive praise based on merit
…this institution has an effective employee recognition and rewards program
…this institution has a fair promotion process for employees

…this institution demonstrates a commitment to employee safety
…campus security provides for my safety
…I am satisfied with the security measures in place at my institution
…I feel safe in my work environment
…my work site meets occupational, safety, and health standards
…I feel prepared to handle an on-campus emergency
…this college could handle a crisis effectively
…I am aware of the support, resources, and services that the college offers to victims of sexual misconduct

…the college provides sufficient scholarship opportunities for students
…the college provides sufficient funding opportunities for students
…the institution effectively disseminates information regarding financial aid opportunities for students

…I am familiar with the strategic plan of the college
…information about the college’s strategic plan is communicated to me
…I feel I have the opportunity to contribute to the college’s strategic plan
…the institution translates our strategic plan into concrete action plans
…I had an opportunity to participate in the development of the college’s strategic plan
…I feel I have the opportunity to contribute to my department’s strategic plan
…the work of my department is aligned with the college’s strategic plan
…I understand my role in helping to achieve the college’s goals
…I am optimistic about the direction of the institution

*Institutions may want to consider using NILIE’s student success subscale

…I believe students acquire the skills needed to be successful in their academic programs
…my institution provides the resources needed to support the educational needs of students
…this institution’s academic support services help to reduce barriers to student success
…this institution ensures quality instruction
…this institution ensures quality academic support for students
…college courses are offered at times that meet students’ needs
…college courses are offered in formats that meet students’ needs
…the registration process is student-friendly
…customer service to students is a priority
…my institution enables students who are unprepared for college-level coursework to acquire the skills they need to succeed academically
…I believe my institution prepares students who want to transfer to other colleges and universities
…I feel I have received adequate training to effectively serve students from different cultures and backgrounds
…I would recommend my institution as a school to attend (to friends, family, etc.)

…I am treated with civility (here defined as “respect, courtesy, and consideration”) by my immediate supervisor
…my supervisor supports work/life balance
…my supervisor encourages my professional development
…my supervisor is aware of my professional goals
…my supervisor knows how to motivate me to do my best work
…my supervisor is accessible
…my supervisor maintains an environment that respects employees of different identities (race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, etc.)
…I experience open, two-way communication with my direct supervisor
…my supervisor supports participation in college-wide governance (e.g., committees)
…my supervisor demonstrates a commitment to quality
…my supervisor understands my job

…I have the technology skills needed to effectively perform my job duties
…I have been adequately trained on the technology skills I need to perform my job duties
…technological innovation is supported at the college
…technology is used as a tool to promote greater student access
…technology is used as a tool to improve student learning
…Blackboard supports student learning at my institution (Please specify the program or platform of your choice)
…the college is keeping up with technological advancements to support teaching and learning
…my institution’s technology is sufficient to support its operations and programs
…I feel the college is technologically current
…IT services are responsive to my needs

…I received adequate training for my position
…I am able to access training opportunities at this institution
…the available training opportunities at this institution are relevant to my position
…I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow in the last year
…I am encouraged to participate in professional development
…I am satisfied with professional development opportunities
…the professional development regarding the use of data for quality improvement is sufficient (Please specify the area of professional development of your choice)

…I can discuss work-related concerns confidentially
…leadership is a trustworthy source of information
…there is an overall trusting relationship between faculty and staff (Please specify the employee groups of your choice)
…I feel comfortable voicing my concerns to upper level administrators (Please specify the employee group of your choice)
…I feel comfortable voicing my ideas to upper level administrators (Please specify the employee group of your choice)

…I am able to balance my work and personal life
…I feel my workload is manageable
…my workload is reasonable
…I feel my workload is comparable to others with the same job responsibilities
…the workload is evenly distributed in my department
…I am able to adjust my work schedule in order to participate in college activities and events


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