PACE Report

In order to increase the quality and breadth of information your organization can glean from the PACE survey results, in January 2016, we updated the structure and content of our reports. Please note this change is only for the reporting structure and does not impact the PACE survey method, validity, timetable, and fees.

Sample  Report
Sample PACE Report
Sample PACE Demographics Report
Sample PACE Personnel Classification Report
Sample PACE Custom Report
Data Interpretation Instructions

Report FAQs

Comparison Groups
Each report includes options for three comparison groups of your choice, attributes you can select include the PACE normbase, your institution’s previous administration (if applicable), size (from Carnegie classification), geographic location (from Census), control, or degree of urbanization (from IPEDS). Click here to see a table of comparison group options. Custom comparison groups allow your institution to view your own PACE results against the aggregate ratings of similar institutions.