Partner Services

The NILIE team works with clients throughout the stages of the PACE Survey process.  To learn more about the process, open the links below.  We are happy to assist you; always feel free to contact us with questions!

First-Time Clients

The NILIE Staff thanks you for your interest in the Personnel Assessment of Campus Environments (PACE) Survey! Your campus will join over 100 institutions who administer the PACE Survey and utilize our reports to inform strategic planning. There are many benefits to using the PACE survey, and we look forward to developing a survey that meets your needs. We invite all clients to follow these initial steps to get started.

Getting Started

  • Contact us to learn more about the survey instrument and discuss custom options that can be made to meet your institution’s needs.
  • Confirm your interest in administering the survey by completing an electronic questionnaire that captures initial information needed to create a service agreement.
  • Once received, review and return the service agreement with appropriate signatures.
  • Prepare to mail at least 50% of the payment before your launch date.
  • Decide how your institution would like to distribute the survey (open-link distributed by your staff or personalized emails from NILIE).
  • Consider when you want to administer the survey; we recommend launching the survey any time from August through November and January through early May.  A summer launch does not result in high response rate; therefore, it is not recommended.

Preparing for Launch

  • Our staff provides a survey draft that includes the 46-items, 8 demographic questions, selected subscales, and custom questions as requested.
  • Review our suggestions on how best to market your survey in advance.

Survey Administration

  • Our staff provides a respondent’s link to help you monitor the response rate once the survey has launched.
  • If you forget someone from your distribution list, our staff is happy to help and adjust the distribution list as needed.
  • We will confirm your closing date to make sure you are happy with your response rate.

Final Report

  • Once the survey closes, report creation takes 8 weeks.
  • Upon completion, the report is provided via email and we are available to answer any questions as needed.

Throughout the process, the NILIE Staff is here to assist you. We enjoy working with our clients from the initial stages of survey development to interpreting the final report. Our staff prides itself in providing personalized assistance as needed for each institution. We join you in wanting a successful survey administration. Thank you for considering the PACE Survey as an instrument to inform strategic planning, leadership, and institutional effectiveness!

Current Clients

Thank you for choosing to administer the Personal Assessment of the College Environment (PACE) survey. We are excited to work with you as you gather valuable employee perspectives that will help you identify institutional strengths as well as areas for growth. Once PACE staff receive your signed contract and a minimum 50% down payment, we can begin work on the survey process. Following are the steps you can anticipate over the next several weeks:

Survey Development

Based on the feedback you provided in your entrance questionnaire, we will build your survey and email you a draft for your approval. The draft should be approved at least one week prior to launch date. We are happy to work with you to make any changes you see necessary.

Survey Distribution

To distribute the survey, PACE staff send personal invitations to your institution’s participants, using a template email approved by you.   Research (as well as our first-hand experience) have shown that surveys produce higher response rates when participants are invited by a third party.

At least one week before survey launch, follow these steps to start the survey distribution process:

  • Send an Excel spreadsheet of participant names and email addresses to Please put the participants’ first name under column A, last name under column B, and email address under column C.
  • Inform your IT staff that PACE survey email invitations will be coming so as to avoid issues with SPAM filters.
    • The survey comes from “PACE Survey <>”
    • The IP range that Qualtrics sends email on is and
  • Inform employees that our email will be coming so they do not mistake it for SPAM.
  • Review the test email invitation that PACE staff send you prior to the official launch.

Survey Launch and Data Collection

  •        Your survey launches on the date that you confirmed with PACE staff.
  •        PACE staff send weekly reminders to employees who have not taken the survey.
  •        Survey closes 2-3 weeks after launch. The client representative receives an email confirming the close of the survey.

Data Analysis and Reporting

  •        PACE staff analyze survey results and send client representative a full report within 8 business weeks of the survey closing.
  •        Clients make a final 50% payment if 100% payment has not already been made.
  •        Client reviews report and requests any final changes.

Throughout the survey administration process, PACE staff are available to address your questions or concerns. For additional resources on effective survey administration, please visit our Resources page.


Returning Clients

Thank you for deciding to administer the PACE survey again at your campus!  We have compiled a few updates since the last time you administered.

Fee Reduction Initiatives

  • Early Bird Discount–Launch your survey by September 15th to receive a 15% discount off of the total fees associated with the PACE report.  To be eligible, the survey must also close no later than three weeks after the survey launch date.  
  • Referral Program—Refer a new institution to NILIE and receive 15% off a future PACE administration.  See the Fees page for more information.


Email and tell us that you would like to administer the PACE survey again.  Please include in your email:

  • Contact information for the point of contact at your institution
  • The date or month of survey launch
  • Whether you would like the report to include data strictly from this administration, or if you would like the report to compare data between administrations

After receiving this information, we will send you a newly developed entrance questionnaire to complete.

Service Agreements

We are now offering the option to use Docusign to process service agreements.  You can also scan and email service agreements to

Custom Questions

Decide which previous custom questions you would like to include in this year’s administration.  Your institution can also choose new custom questions, but we can only include comparison information for questions that remain exactly the same since your last administration.  You may also select up to three custom demographic questions.

Optional Student Success Scale

Based on the Aspen Institute’s definition of student success, we developed 12 new questions that provide insight into assessment of learning, completion, labor market, and equity outcomes.  Please indicate your interest in administering this student success subscale when you complete the entrance questionnaire. 


Each report includes options for up to three comparison groups of your choice. Attributes you can select include: PACE normbase, your institution’s previous administration (if applicable), size (from Carnegie classification), geographic location (from Census), control, or degree of urbanization (from IPEDS). Most institutions elect to choose the normbase and previous administration as two of their options.

Report Format

We made revisions to our report format.  We encourage you to browse through our sample reports.  The full PACE report includes:  the standard PACE and demographic reports, which break out the PACE climate factors by question response rates and by each standard demographic category; a personnel classification report; a custom report that includes any custom demographic questions included specifically by the institution (if applicable); a subscale report (if applicable); and a qualitative report.  Report interpretation instructions and a raw data Excel file with a codebook are also included.

Sample PACE Week-by-Week Timeline

  • Week 1: Client representative contacts PACE staff. Client completes entrance questionnaire.
  • Week 2-3: PACE staff email service agreement and invoice to client representative.
  • Week 3-4: Client representative emails signed contract to PACE staff and mails in payment. Payment due before start of project (full or 50% payment).
  • Week 4-5: PACE staff email survey draft to client representative.  Client representative provides PACE staff with participant Excel spreadsheet.
  • Week 5: Client representative approves survey draft at least one week prior to launch date. PACE staff send test email invitation to client representative.
  • Week 6: PACE staff send invitation to participants and survey launches.
  • Week 7-8: PACE staff send weekly reminders to those who have not taken the survey.
  • Week 9: Survey closes 2-3 weeks after launch. Client representative will receive an email confirming the close of the survey.
  • Week 10-17: PACE staff work on data analysis and report compilation.
  • Week 15-17: PACE staff email report to client representative within 8 business weeks of survey closing. Client mails final payment (if applicable)
  • Week 16-20: Client reviews report and requests any changes; otherwise the report is considered the final report.


Description of Services

Additional Services

Fee Reductions

Description of Services

Service Fee
Full-Service PACE Survey $4,750
Full-Service PACE Survey Comparison to Previous Administration $5,000
Raw Data Only $2,750
  • Full-Service PACE Survey (New or Returning Clients)
    • PACE staff create and administer online instruments
    • PACE staff process the data, analyze the data, and write the climate report with this administration’s data and three comparison groups
    • PACE staff do not interpret findings, but instead offer important data for institutions to make critical decisions
  • Full-Service PACE Survey Comparative Analysis to Previous Administration (Returning Clients Only)
    • PACE staff create and administer online instruments
    • PACE staff process the data, analyze the data, and write the climate report
    • PACE’s report includes comparative analysis with the previous administration data and two additional comparison groups
    • PACE staff do not interpret findings, but instead offer important data for institutions to make critical decisions
  • Raw Quantitative Data Only (No Report, No Raw Qualitative Data, No Normbase Data)
    • PACE staff create and administer online instruments
    • PACE staff process the data and provide the institution with the raw data (raw qualitative data is not included)
    • The institution completes their own data analysis

Additional Services

Please note, all additional services are supplementary to the PACE survey and cannot be administered on their own.

Additional Services Fee
Numeric Data File $250
Raw Qualitative Data File $500
Additional Open-Ended Questions $300/question
Supplemental Report $2,000
PowerPoint Presentation $200
On-Site Consulting $2,500 Travel Costs
Data Consultation $1,500 (minimum)
Additional Subscales Contact PACE Staff
  • Numeric Data File
    • In addition to the PACE report, a numeric data file will be provided at no additional fee to the institution for the purpose of further analysis. Beyond a year after the PACE administration, a numeric data file can be provided for a $250 fee.
  • Raw Qualitative Data File (In addition to report)
    • PACE staff provide spreadsheet of all original qualitative comments; however, comments that compromise a respondent’s anonymity or will maliciously affect other individuals may be removed or edited.
  • Additional Open-Ended Questions
    • Client develops additional open-ended questions in consultation with PACE staff
    • PACE staff include additional open-ended questions in survey administration
    • PACE staff analyze additional open-ended questions for inclusion in report
  • Supplemental Report
    • PACE staff provide a second report centered on a different organizing variable than personnel classification, such as location or race/ethnicity
  • PowerPoint Presentation (in addition to report)
    • PACE staff develop PowerPoint presentation to represent client’s PACE results
  • On-Site Consulting
    • On-site consulting provides report interpretation, recommendations based on report results and institutional documents (e.g., strategic planning documents), or other appropriate consultation. A PowerPoint presentation is included.
  • Additional subscales
    • Clients can select to include one subscale at no extra cost as part of the survey administration. Subscales include:  Institutional Structure, Change Readiness, Diversity, Part-Time Faculty, and Campus Safety.  Adding additional subscales requires a fee.

Fee Reductions

  • 15% Group Discount: Community College Consortia and North Carolina Institutions
    • To support school systems, at least ten institutions or an entire school system, with only one point of contact, utilizing the same custom survey questions, will qualify for a 15% discount off of the total fees associated with the PACE report.
    • Institutions of higher education in North Carolina qualify for a 15% discount off of the total fees associated with the PACE report.
  • 15% early bird discount
    • Launch your survey by September 15th to receive a 15% discount off of the total fees associated with the PACE report.  To be eligible, the survey must also close no later than three weeks after the survey launch date.
    • Reports will be returned to clients by December 15th.
  • 15% Referral Discount
    • Refer a new institution to NILIE and receive 15% off a future PACE administration.
    • The institution you refer must administer a PACE survey within 6 months of your referral.
    • The 15% discount is valid for up to 1 year after the referral institution receives their final report.
    • To access this discount, please complete this Referral Form and submit it to
  • 15% No Qualitative Comments
    • Institutions that opt-out of including qualitative comments on the PACE survey, such that no qualitative data is collected or analyzed, will receive a 15% discount off of the total fees associated with the PACE report.
  • Research and Testing
    • To maintain the best products and services available to our clients, PACE staff will occasionally examine our own processes and newly developed subscales. If your institution is interested in participating in one of these studies, please contact directly to discuss possible discounts.
  • Discount disclaimers
    • Group discounts cannot be applied to any Additional Services.
    • Group discounts may be combined with any other discount opportunities.

PACE Survey Brochure

Download (PDF, 62KB)