IDEALS Registration Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the IDEALS initiative, a longitudinal project conducted as part of “Cooperation in a Pluralistic World: A National Study of Students’ Engagement with Religious Diversity.” Below you will find the step-by-step process you must follow to successfully prepare your institution to complete IDEALS.

Step 1: Complete Part I of the Institutional Information Form to provide us with data required for the survey launch. To complete this survey, please be prepared to upload:

Step 2: Complete the IDEALS Sampling Template by gathering the following data for all students in the survey sample:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Identification number
  • Email address

Step 3: Upload the sampling spreadsheet by completing Part II of the Institutional Information Form.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about IDEALS. Please contact us or visit our Administration Resources page for useful documents and webinars.