Cooperation in a Pluralistic World: A National Study of College Students’ Engagement with Religious Diversity

“To advance the national priority to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation, this research will be a significant step forward in establishing the evidence base for educating students who can meaningfully engage in our religiously and spiritually diverse global society.”

Dr. Martha J. Kanter, Former Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Education and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education and Senior Fellow, NYU 

Campus climate assessment has been instrumental in helping colleges and universities grapple with issues of identity and diversity. As religious diversity becomes an increasingly salient and divisive reality in American public discourse and civic life, campus leaders have worked to realize the transformative potential of higher education by providing educational programming designed to encourage college students’ compassionate engagement with a religiously diverse world. Yet, many questions remain regarding the impact of campus climate and college experiences on students’ abilities to cooperate across religious and worldview differences.

To determine the best strategies for practice, a national research initiative is now underway to examine the relationships between college students’ interfaith behaviors and pluralism attitudes. We invite you to learn more about “Cooperation in a Pluralistic World: A National Study of Students’ Engagement with Worldview Diversity” by reading about how we are assessing the climate for religious and worldview diversity on college campuses:

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