Returning Partners

Thank you for deciding to administer the PACE survey again at your campus!  Here are a few things to know ahead of your next administration.

Discounts on Your Administration

  • Early Bird Discount–Launch your survey by September 15th to receive a 15% discount off of the total fees associated with the PACE Climate Survey.  To be eligible, the survey must also close no later than three weeks after the survey launch date.  
  • Referral Program—Refer a new institution to NILIE and receive 15% off a future PACE administration.  See the Fees page for more information.

Developing Your Service Agreement

Email and tell us that you would like to administer the PACE survey again. After receiving your email, we will send you an entrance questionnaire to complete. The information you submit in the questionnaire will be used to develop your Service Agreement.

You now have an environmentally friendly way to sign and return your Service Agreement by using Docusign. You can also scan and email service agreements to

Questions on the Survey

Custom Questions

Decide which previous custom questions you would like to include in this year’s administration.  Your institution can also choose new custom questions, but we can only include comparison information for questions that remain exactly the same since your last administration.  You may also select up to three custom demographic questions.

Student Success Subscale

Based on the Aspen Institute’s definition of student success, we developed 12 new questions that provide insight into assessment of learning, completion, labor market, and equity outcomes.  Please indicate your interest in administering this student success subscale when you complete the entrance questionnaire. 


Each report includes options for up to three comparison groups of your choice. Attributes you can select include: PACE normbase, size (from Carnegie classification), geographic location (from Census), control, degree of urbanization (from IPEDS), or your institution’s previous administration (if applicable). The previous administration comparison is a $250 fee, but all other comparisons come at no extra cost. Visit our fees page for more information. Most institutions elect to choose the normbase and previous administration as two of their options.

Report Format

We encourage you to browse through our sample reports.  The full PACE report includes:  the standard PACE and demographic reports, which break out the PACE climate factors by question response rates and by each standard demographic category; a personnel classification report; a custom report that includes any custom demographic questions included specifically by the institution (if applicable); a subscale report (if applicable); and a qualitative report.  Report interpretation instructions and a raw data Excel file with a codebook are also included.