PACE Survey Timeline and Administration

Survey Administration Process
PACE Week-by-Week Timeline
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Survey Administration Process


  • Please contact Information we will need to know:
    • Whether you would like the report to include data strictly from this administration, or if you would like the report to compare data between administrations
    • Contact information of the client representative for this project
    • The date you would like the survey to launch to participants
    • If you would like to administer one or several of NILIE’s subscales in conjunction with the PACE survey


  • Once we have the above information, PACE staff will then send a contract to the client representative via email in PDF
  • Please print out the contract, sign it, and then return it via email (in PDF) or by regular postal mail
  • We are happy to make modifications to the contract per your request; however, any modifications will likely delay the launch time of the survey


  • A down payment of $2,500 (check only) is due at the start of the project
  • A final payment will be due upon project completion
  • Please mail payments to: NILIE/ NCSU, Attention Haruna Suzuki, Box 7801 Poe 310, Raleigh, NC 27695-7801


  • Once we receive the signed contract and down payment, PACE staff can begin work on the survey process
  • We strongly recommend that personal invitations are sent to participants to take the online survey
    • Research shows, and our experiences are consistent with, higher response rates when participants get invitations from a third party
    • In order to send personal invitations, we need a spreadsheet of the participant names and email addresses. Please put the participants’ first name under column A, last name under column B, and email address under column C
  • Please submit both the spreadsheet of participant information and custom questions to the PACE staff at least one week prior to when you would like the survey to launch
  • Please inform your IT staff that PACE survey email invitations will be coming so that they do not get caught in SPAM filters
    • The survey comes from the following email address:
    • The title of the emails that come from the PACE staff are “PACE Survey-School name”
    • The IP ranges that Qualtrics sends out email on are and
  • Please plan to inform participants that our email will be coming so they do not delete the survey thinking it is SPAM
  • Encourage your employees to participate in the PACE Survey

To view the entire process, please refer to the timeline below.

PACE Week-by-Week Timeline


  • Week 1: Client representative contacts the PACE staff
  • Week 2: PACE staff emails contract to client representative
  • Week 3: Client representative emails signed contract, custom questions and participant contact spreadsheet, and mails down payment
  • Week 4: PACE staff sends draft of survey to client representative
  • Week 4-5: Client representative approves draft at least one week prior to launch date
  • Week 5: PACE staff sends invitation to participants and survey launches
  • Week 6-8: PACE staff sends reminders every week to those who have not taken the survey and client emails data collection sheet to PACE staff (we must have this to start analyzing data!)
  • Week 9: Survey closes 2-3 weeks after launch
  • Week 15-17: PACE staff emails draft report to client representative within 6-8 business weeks of survey closing
  • Week 16-18: School approves draft
  • Week 18-20: PACE staff emails final copy of report to school (within two business weeks of final approval)

Depending on your institution, some activities may take more time, adding additional weeks. Also, this tentative timeline does not account for when NILIE is closed due to University breaks or holidays.

Infographic Overview

Overview of the NILIE process from start to finish.

Overview of the NILIE process from start to finish.